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Welcome to Breezee Soft Drinks, the new soft drinks manufacturer and wholesaler. Breezee is a carbonated soft drinks range sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines throughout the Middle East and internationally. Manufactured jointly by Al Rayaan Soft Drinks and Mineral Water Co. and its sister concern Breezee Drinks UK Ltd. The Breezee range is the real alternative soda product range that suits everyone's taste to give that refreshing and thirst quenching feeling.

Breezee range is produced by a factory based in Jordan with sales spreading around the Middle East, specifically, Jordan, The West Bank and Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq amongst many. It is a product intended to give the real alternative taste in the market place.

The Breezee range comes currently in six distinctive flavours, Breezee Cola, Breezee Lemonada (Lemonade), Breezee Citrus, Breezee Strawberry, Breezee Up and our newest product, Breezee Apple. The range comes in 250ml Aluminum cans in shrinks (Boxes) that have 30 cans.

We also sell fresh water that come in PET cups. Our water product is Al-Nahrain Water.

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International wholesale soft drinks, is what we are all about. We ship our products worldwide, and we promise to give a great service in doing so. You can become a reseller for Breezee drinks and join us as a provider and enjoy the excitement and fun in distributing our range to the world.



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