About US

Welcome to AlRayaan Soft Drinks & Water Industries website. We are international manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of carbonated soft drinks and water based in Jordan.

Being one of the very few companies in our area that have the full integarted ISO system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001, and ISO 22000), we take pride in presenting a wide range of products and private labelling services of the highest standards.

Established in 2007 in Jordan, with experience in the industry spanning over 20 years, Al-Rayaan company follows a strategy that is based on providing products and services of international quality and standards coupled with great taste and cost effective pricing to suit all sectors of society all around the world.

It is the pleasure of Al Rayaan company to be able to produce a Jordanian product with an international feel and opportunity. Our products are entirely manufactured by Jordanian capabilities and experience, with more than 90% Jordanian raw materials and/or source. And, with the emphasis to produce products that can reach well beyond Jordan to the international arena, abiding by the international ISO standards.

Our main services are:

Private Labelling (Also known as Co-Packing): Whether energy or carbonated drinks, Al-Rayaan is well suited to manufacture private labelling for all types of customers whether international brands or privately owned by local or reagional clients. Having the central location of being in the Middle East as well as the capability to manufacture according to international ISO standards with the added advantage of more cost effective operational and logistical costs, we feel that our company is at the forefront of private labelling. In short, "You Name It, We Make It".

Our Breezee Range of Carbonated Soft Drinks: Our aim is to distribute our products to all markets in order to serve all communities, ensuring that our brand name (Breezee) will be a well recognised brand known by it's promise of quality and it's promise of a real fresh taste. Breezee range includes carbonated soft drinks in six flavours, Cola, Lemonada (Lemonade), Citrus, Strawberry, Up and Apple comes in 250ml Aluminium cans. Al-Rayaan also produces Al-Nahrain Water, that comes in 250ml PET cups.

Should you ever have the need to Co-Pack and have your own private label or wish to deal with a sensible and responsible manufacturer, rest assured, you have come to the right place.

Breezee Factory